Why Are Dental Implants a Popular Choice?

Why Are Dental Implants a Popular Choice? from Lakeview Dental in Coeur d'Alene, IDMany patients prefer dental implants to other dental restorations. The stability and aesthetic improvement that the implants provide can enhance one’s bite and speech, as well as one’s chew and smile. Understanding why implants are popular can convince you to speak to your dentist about getting them. Here are the reasons for the popularity of dental implants.

Longest lasting restorations

Dental implants will become part of one’s jawbone. This makes them the strongest, most lasting of all dental restorations. Others need constant repairs or replacements. With proper care and maintenance, these dental restorations can last for decades or even a lifetime.

The rods and abutments are titanium. The dental crown is porcelain. These durable materials contribute to the longevity of dental implants. The durability and firm fixation of implants prevent anxiety and stress, knowing that the restorations will not slip or fall out.

Appear natural

One’s natural teeth have dental roots that anchor them to the jawbone. Dental implants work the same way. The titanium rods serve as dental roots that anchor the artificial tooth system to the jawbone. This metal is biocompatible, so it can fuse with the jawbone and soft gum tissue without problems. It will take months before the rods and jawbone complete merging. But the long wait is worth it because of its strength and stability.

Prevent bone loss

Jawbone loss is a common side-effect of tooth loss. Once this starts, more tooth loss will follow. Bone tissue is alive. It needs stimulation so that it can gather nutrients to repair and grow. Losing teeth removes the dental roots that stimulate the jawbone. This causes the jawbone to shrink.

Dental implants can prevent this from happening again by stimulating the jawbone. As the implants stay in the jawbone, the tissue becomes stronger and thicker. That is why dental implants are popular and important. They help strengthen the jawbone while replacing missing teeth.

Easy to maintain

Caring for dental implants is not difficult. It is not as taxing as maintaining removable dentures. It is like caring for natural teeth. Brushing and flossing are necessary. Using an antibacterial mouthwash can rinse away the food particles and bacteria. These practices can keep the implant sites bacteria-free.

Keeping the mouth clean can also prevent bacteria from seeping into the gums and jawbone. It can keep gum disease at bay. Seeing the dentist for regular dental cleaning is also necessary. The dentist can spot any problems and treat them right away.

Keep neighboring teeth intact

Removable dental restorations like dental bridges and dentures use healthy natural teeth to attach to. For dental bridges, the dentist must shave off most of the healthy dental tissue from the abutment teeth. This will make sure that the crowns fit over them. With dentures, metal clasps need to anchor to the adjacent teeth. The clasps tend to scratch or erode the enamel layer of these healthy teeth.

Dental implants stand alone. The titanium rods provide the support that artificial teeth need. Each implant does not need neighboring teeth for support. It helps keep the nearby teeth damage-free.

Dental implants are popular among patients because of their stability and longevity

Missing teeth need proper dental replacements right away. The aim is to maintain good dental health and prevent complications from developing. Dental implants are stable and lasting. They do not damage natural teeth for support either. Working with your dentist can help you maintain your dental implants for a long time.

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